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Amazon app quiz 2020: India longest river amazon quiz

Amazon app quiz
Amazon app quiz

Amazon quiz answers for Immaculate Conception is out now, giving players an opportunity to win the all-new Amazon Echo device. Amazon Echo has boomed in popularity for its multitasking capabilities. In fact, many consider the Echo paired with Alexa to be an integral part of their smart home. Today’s Amazon quiz gives you an opportunity to win the Echo device.

The winner of the quiz are going to be selected by Amazon via the tactic of lucky draw by the top of the day. The participants will need to answer all the five questions correctly so as to become a part of the lucky draw. To participate within the Amazon app quiz confirm that you simply have the updated version of the app. The quiz will remain live till 12 pm today.

So, here are the five questions of today’s Amazon app quiz:

India’s longest river bridge will be built by L&T over which river?


In November 2020, Renu Devi became the first woman Deputy Chief Minister of which state?


Which company operated NASA’s first full-fledged mission ferrying a crew into orbit on a privately-owned spacecraft?


A depiction of this famous stepwell is found on the reverse side of which of these bank notes?

Rs 100

In which language is this book written?



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