Happiness Classes : Key of Success

Happiness classes are not only for the depressed student but also for all the students who want to remain on the positive side of their brain. See our brain has both a positive attitude and negative attitude but your friend circle, your fellow structure defines you, your mind and your future. “Show me your friend circle I will tell you about your future” this is a fact that every student should accept.

Now a day, especially in higher education students, become more tensile or depressed due to lack of happiness around them which causes unwanted desire inside them like falling aside from your track or future goal, getting bad cultures of fellow around them, drinks, club party, bar and a lot of more things which distract them from the original path.

Being a positive attitude towards study, students should have followed a little more thing besides educational goals like meditation for 20 minutes in the morning before 6 o’clock or yoga-like Kapal Bharti by Baba Ramdev and keep your friend circle as positive as you want for your goal. Throw out all the negativity from your mind and keep it practice as a daily habit.

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Depressed Students


Depression causes natural illness may be from that you are not aware. 

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