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Jupiter and Saturn in rare celestial co-occurrence

Jupiter and Saturn
Jupiter and Saturn

Winter Solstice Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction: People across India and therefore the remainder of the planet witnessed a rare celestial phenomenon, the good conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. The celestial event made Jupiter and Saturn appear together bright star within the night sky. The event is visible to the eye also , though those with a telescope would have enjoyed a far better view.

This is the primary time in over 400 years that the 2 appeared so on the brink of one another , though regular conjunctions happen every 20 years. this is often the closest these two planets are recorded since 1623. That Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happened quite a decade after the telescope was invented. Before 1623, the good Conjunction happened in 1226.

The “great conjunction” is popularly mentioned because the “Christmas Star.” On December 21, most the viewers across the planet were ready to see the 2 gas giants very on the brink of one another , while they were still many many miles apart in space.


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