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Supreme Court to Give order on protests, tomorrow

Supreme Court to Give order on protests tomorrow
Supreme Court to Give order on protests tomorrow

The Supreme Court today made some sharp observations on the deadlock between the farmers and therefore the government on the new agricultural laws, which have triggered the most important protest within the farm sector in years. Eight rounds of discussions have already happened and thousands protesting on the outskirts of Delhi have threatened to accentuate their agitation on Republic Day with “Kisaan Parade” within the capital and other parts of the country. Many farmers have died within the last two months after protests began late November. Protesters have said they need nothing but the repeal of the laws. the highest court today told the centre: “Don’t lecture us on patience‚Ķ long rope (has been) given.” “Are you a neighborhood of the matter or solution?” judge SA Bobde asked the govt during the hearing.

“We aren’t experts on agriculture and economics. Tell us whether you’ll put these laws on hold alternatively we’ll roll in the hay . what is the prestige issue here?” judge SA Bobde told the govt . “We do not know if you’re a part of “> a part of the answer or part of the matter ,” the highest court stressed.

We have a fear that someday maybe, there could be a breach of peace. all folks we’ll responsible if anything goes wrong. we do not want any injuries or blood on our hands,” the judge said during the hearing.

The top court said it’s “extremely disappointed with government’s handling of this issue” and stressed: “We don’t see you’re handling this issue effectively”. “We do not know what consultative process you followed before the laws. many nations are up in rebellion. If overwhelming majority says that laws are good, allow them to say it to (a) committee,” the court said, underlining “our intention to bring amicable solution”.

Right to protest is unbroken . Right to protest should be exercised like (Mahatma) Gandhi ji’s Satyagraha. roll in the hay peacefully,” the court said. It also said the centre “can’t blame the previous governments”.

“We have asked within the last hearing but no answer. things has gone worse. People have committed suicide. Why are the old and therefore the women a part of the agitation during this weather?” the judge questioned the govt . “Let senior citizens, women and youngsters return ,” he urged


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