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The FBI found human remains at the bombing scene in Nashville

Nashville EXplosion
Nashville EXplosion

First came the warning, then came the blast, shattering the Christmas morning silence within the heart of the city’s tourist district.

Before dawn on Friday, Nashville cops rushed to calls of gunfire on Second Avenue, a strip of honky tonks, restaurants and boot shops. rather than gunfire, they found an R.V., blaring a wierd and unsettling message: There was a bomb. it might detonate in quarter-hour .

When the R.V. did explode, it sent plumes of smoke billowing above the town , blew out windows in shops and offices for several blocks, left three people hospitalized — and Nashville shaken.

Police said the explosion was deliberate. it had been also deeply unsettling, coming in a neighborhood that pulls thousands of individuals nightly. But who set it off and why remained unknown as officials began to form sense of the blast.

The police released a photograph of the R.V. on Friday afternoon and said the vehicle had arrived on Second Avenue North at 1:22 a.m. The R.V. was parked outside an AT&T transmission building, a separate building from the landmark 33 story AT&T office tower but half a mile away.

It is still unclear if an individual was inside the R.V. when it exploded, officials said. during a press conference on Friday evening, police officials said there have been no indications of fatalities, but possible human tissue had been found amid the debris.

Gas lines were shut off within the area, and AT&T experienced outages, which forced the Federal Aviation Administration to temporarily halt flights out of the Nashville International Airport.


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