Makar Sankranti and Tusu festival is one among the foremost popular festivals of the Panchpargana region of Jharkhand. there’s just one day left for this festival. This festival is widely known within the sort of respect and self-respect of girls power. This festival comes after harvesting paddy crop and rosemary during the winter season. it’s celebrated for a few month in Panchpargana region. Paddy crops come to the farmers’ home. Tusu literally means virgin girl.

Although all the festivals of Jharkhand are associated with nature, but the importance of Tusu festival are some things else. This festival of prosperity is widely known in Panchpargana, West Bengal , Purulia, Midnapore, Bankura, Odisha, Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj and Baripada etc. of Jharkhand. The festival of Tusu is widely known by the establishment of Tusu by virgin girls from Aghan Sankranti to Makar Sankranti. The virgins of each household worship Tusu every evening.

There are many stories behind celebrating Tusu festival. consistent with a story prevalent during this , Tusu was a really beautiful girl from a poor farmer. Gradually, her beauty began to be known throughout the state. This news also spread within the court of a cruel king. The king became disgusted with the girl and began plotting to urge the girl. Incidentally there was a severe famine within the state that year. The farmers weren’t during a position to pay rent. to require advantage of this example , the king doubled the agricultural tax.

The mandate of extortion from poor farmers was given. There was an outcry within the entire state. At this Tusu called upon the peasant community to line up a corporation to oppose the king’s order. A fierce battle ensued between the king’s soldiers and therefore the peasants. Thousands of soldiers died within the war. Tusu was also close to be captured by the soldiers, but rather than kneeling before the king, he decided to be martyred by taking water and got into the Satighat site of the swollen Swarnarekha river.

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