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Wonder Woman 1984 is fun, but it doesn’t catch the magic of its predecessor

wonder women 1984
wonder women 1984

For a superhero of her stature, Wonder Woman’s powers are oddly immune to codification. Sure, Superman has skilled some periods of power creep where he could do things like “super inventing,” “super ventriloquism,” or “yeeting himself back in time accidentally .” But lately it’s generally accepted that he’s strong and bulletproof, he can fly, and he has laser eyes, freeze breath, x-ray vision, and heightened senses.

Wonder Woman is super strong and super durable, but not bulletproof — otherwise why would she got to do the bracer thing? — and is one among the world’s greatest fighters with plenty of charisma else . But beyond that it gets muddy. At various points in her history she’s also been ready to use a “mental radio” as if she were telepathic, has been granted the power to speak to animals by the goddess Artemis, could visit different dimensions by meditating, or could speak just about any language with ease.

And woman hasn’t always been ready to fly. this is often obvious once you think that about it for a second. Why would she need an invisible jet if she could fly? Flight wasn’t so closely related to superheroes now because it was when she was created in 1942. Even Superman couldn’t fly initially — that’s where the phrase “leaps tall buildings during a single bound” comes from.

For an extended time, an invisible plane or jet served woman quite well. Unassisted flight didn’t become one among her basic powers until 1987, when writer/artist George Pérez began his lasting reboot of her origin story. Now, with the blessing of the god Hermes, Diana could soar through the skies with just a few winged sandals.


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