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Are you looking for a part-time job and want to do something new in creative writing, then you should definitely work with us here. Here we are looking for freelance content writers on (online website based on News Content) You can send us many articles based on different sections of our websites like Automobiles, Biography, Buzz, Education, Entertainment, Food, Health, Jobs, Lifestyle, Movie, News, Politics, Recipe, Sport, Tech, etc. If you are willing to join us, then these things you should know:

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How to write high-quality content

The title of whatever subject you choose to write should be a little appealing and expressive. It is from that title that readers should understand the content and article. The writer should have the understanding to write the news (there are no errors of inaccuracy or grammar).

  • Your article on will be published only when it is original, unique, and interesting for readers.
  • So while writing the article keep in mind the interest of the audience, if your article does not seem interesting then it will be rejected.
  • One more thing, if your article was copied from us even a little bit, then your article will be rejected.
  • While writing the article, pay attention to your spelling.
  • The article should be at least 700-800 words.
  • Before writing an article, you can tell us the topic, so after writing the article, you do not have to face any problem to publish the article on our site.
  • repeating once again, we will publish your article only when we like it and we will like it when our audience will like it, so write the article keeping the audience in mind.
  • We will try our best to publish your article as soon as possible. But keep in mind that the article you are publishing on site, you will not publish it anywhere else.

Terms and conditions of your article

  • The published post (article) will not be removed as you wish.
  • If we had to change something later in the published post (article) or for some reason to remove that article, then it will be completed according to our wish. We have full rights to delete your article.
  • The articles that will be sent to us cannot be published elsewhere.

No more literary language needed

No more literary language is used on our sites. The author’s writing should be simple and beautiful. We like the author’s creativity so content is not copied or used from other sites.

Article writing format

Simple English language is used here and every article must be at least 700-2000 words or more. (Note: SMS language is completely forbidden.) SMS is a few shortcut words and half English mixed words.

While choosing the subject of the subject, one must always check on the sites that the article is not already present on the websites in the past. Because readers do not like to read two subjects alike.

If you want to know about our articles, what kind of articles are written on our sites, then click on the homepage of our site.

Why write for us?

However, this is the right platform for creative writers to show their writing skills. For this, we also give you a good amount of money. If your articles bring good page views, you can also get good incentives.

How will you write your article on our website?

  1. First of all, you have to create an account on our website. Click here to create an account.
  2. After creating an account, you mail us ( that you want to write an article for our website, we will give you permission to write the article on our website after reading your mail.
  3. After that your first two articles will be very important for us because we will guess how you write by reading those articles. After that we will verify your account to write articles, after that you can publish your articles directly on our website.
  4. How many people read your article. How many times has your article been viewed. Your income depends on all these facts. Your income will also be increased as your views grow.

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